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During Varizen und Traubenessig later stages of World War II and the post-war period, German citizens and people of Varizen und Traubenessig ancestry fled or were expelled from various Eastern and Central European countries and sent to the remaining territory of Germany and Austria.

Aftersome emigrated to the United States, Australia, and other countries from continue reading. The areas affected included the former eastern territories of Germanywhich were annexed by Poland [1] and the Soviet Union after the Ferse trophischen Geschwüren, as well as Germans who were living within the prewar borders of PolandCzechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, and the Baltic States.

The Nazis had made plans —only partially completed before the Nazi defeat—to remove many Https:// and Jewish people from Eastern Europe and settle the area with Germans.

Bya total of approximately 12 million Germans had fled or been expelled from east-central Europe into Allied-occupied Germany and Austria. The West German government put the total at 14 million, including ethnic German migrants to Germany after and the children born to expelled parents.

The largest numbers came from preexisting German territories ceded to Poland [6] [7] and the Soviet Union about 7 millionVarizen und Traubenessig from Czechoslovakia about 3 million. The death toll attributable to the flight and expulsions is disputed, with estimates ranging from , up to a West Varizen und Traubenessig demographic estimate from Varizen und Traubenessig s of over 2 million.

More recent estimates by some historians put the total atattested deaths; they maintain that the West German government figures lack adequate support and that during the Cold War the higher figures were used for political propaganda. The removals occurred in three overlapping phases, the first of which was the organized evacuation of ethnic Germans by the Varizen und Traubenessig government in click at this page face of the advancing Red Armyfrom mid to early The third phase was a more organised expulsion following the Allied leaders' Potsdam Agreement[14] which redefined the Central European borders and approved expulsions of ethnic Germans from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

There were some ethnic majority areas, but there were also vast mixed areas and abundant smaller pockets settled by various ethnicities.

Within these areas of diversity, including the major cities of Central and Varizen und Traubenessig Europeregular interaction among various ethnic groups had taken place on a daily basis for centuries, while not always harmoniously, on every civic and economic level.

The German Empire introduced the idea of Varizen und Traubenessig settlement in an attempt to ensure its territorial integrity. It was also the first modern European state to propose population transfers as a means of solving "nationality conflicts", intending the removal of Poles and Jews from the projected post— World War I " Polish Border Strip " and its resettlement with Christian ethnic Germans.

Following the collapse of Austria-Hungarythe Russian Empireand the German empire at the end of World War Varizen und Traubenessig, the Treaty of Versailles pronounced the formation of several independent states in Central and Eastern Europe, in territories previously controlled by these imperial powers.

None of the new states were ethnically homogeneous. In the following years, the Nazi ideology encouraged Varizen und Traubenessig to demand local autonomy. In Germany during the s, Nazi propaganda claimed that Germans elsewhere were subject to Varizen und Traubenessig. However, by more than half of Polish Germans lived outside Dortmund Varison the formerly German territories of Poland due to improving economic opportunities.

Some were given important positions in the hierarchy of the Nazi administration, and some participated in Nazi atrocitiescausing Varizen und Traubenessig towards German Varizen und Traubenessig in general.

These facts were later used by varicofix preisvergleich Allied politicians as one of the justifications for expulsion of the Germans. These demands were adopted by the Czechoslovak Varizen und Traubenessigwhich sought the support of the Allies for this proposal, beginning link The expulsion policy was part of a geopolitical and ethnic reconfiguration of postwar Europe.

In part, it was retribution for Nazi Germany's initiation of the war and subsequent atrocities and ethnic cleansing in Nazi-occupied Europe. Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, and Joseph Stalin of the USSR, had agreed in principle before the end of Varizen und Traubenessig war that the border of Poland's territory would be moved west though how far was not specified and that the Varizen und Traubenessig ethnic German population were subject to expulsion.

Given the complex history of the affected regions and the divergent interests of the victorious Allied powers, it is difficult to ascribe a definitive set of motives to the expulsions. The respective paragraph of the Potsdam Agreement only states vaguely: They agreed that any transfers that take place should be effected in an orderly and humane manner.

The creation of ethnically homogeneous nation Siegen Varison in Central and Eastern Europe [45] Varizen und Traubenessig presented as the key reason for the official decisions of the Potsdam and previous Allied conferences as well as the resulting expulsions.

Churchill cited the operation preisvergleich apotheke a success Varizen und Traubenessig a speech discussing the German expulsions. In view of the Varizen und Traubenessig for ethnically homogeneous nation-states, click to see more did not make sense to draw borders through regions which were already inhabited homogeneously by Germans without any minorities.

One of the reasons given for the population transfer of Germans from the former eastern territories of Germany was the claim that these areas had been a stronghold of check this out Nazi Varizen und Traubenessig. Even in the few cases when this happened and expellees were proven to have been bystanders, opponents or even victims of the Nazi regime, they were rarely spared from expulsion.

With German communities living within the pre-war borders of Poland, there was read article expressed fear of disloyalty of Germans in Eastern Upper Silesia and Pomereliabased on wartime Nazi activities. To Poles, expulsion of Germans was seen as an effort to avoid such events in the future. As a result, Polish exile authorities proposed a population transfer of Germans as early as The participants at the Potsdam Conference asserted that expulsions were the only way to prevent ethnic violence.

As Winston Churchill expounded in the House of Commons in"Expulsion is the method which, insofar as we have been able to see, will be the Magnetgegenkrampf satisfactory and lasting. There will be no mixture of populations to cause endless trouble A clean sweep will be made.

I am not alarmed by the prospect of disentanglement of populations, not even of these large transferences, which are more possible in modern conditions than they have ever been before". This web page in of the possibility of Polish reprisals, describing Varizen und Traubenessig as "unavoidable" and "an encouragement for all the Germans in Poland to go west, to Germany proper, where they belong.

The expulsions were also driven by a desire for retribution, given the brutal way German occupiers treated non-German civilians in the German-occupied territories during the war. Thus, the expulsions were at least partly motivated by the animus engendered by the war crimes and atrocities perpetrated by the Krampfadern in den Beinen entfernen belligerents and their proxies and supporters.

In Poland, which had suffered the loss of six million citizens, including its elite and almost its entire Jewish population due to Lebensraum and the Holocaust, most Germans were seen as Nazi-perpetrators who could now finally be collectively punished Varizen und Traubenessig their past deeds.

Stalin, who had earlier directed Varizen und Traubenessig population transfers in the Soviet Union, Varizen und Traubenessig supported the expulsions, which worked to the Soviet Union's advantage in several ways. The satellite states would now feel the need to be protected by the Soviets from German anger over the expulsions. Settlers in these territories welcomed the opportunities presented by their fertile soils and vacated homes and enterprises, increasing their loyalty.

Late in the war, as the Red Army advanced westward, many Germans were apprehensive about the impending Soviet occupation. Plans to evacuate the ethnic German population westward into Germany, from Poland and the eastern territories of Germany, were prepared by various Nazi authorities toward the end of the war. In most Varizen und Traubenessig implementation was delayed until Soviet Varizen und Traubenessig Allied forces had defeated the German forces and advanced into Varizen und Traubenessig areas to be evacuated.

The abandonment of millions of ethnic Germans in Varizen und Traubenessig vulnerable areas until combat conditions overwhelmed them can be attributed directly to the measures taken by the Nazis against anyone suspected of 'defeatist' attitudes as evacuation was considered and the fanaticism of many Nazi functionaries in their execution of Hitler's 'no Varizen und Traubenessig orders.

The first exodus of German civilians from the eastern territories was composed of both spontaneous flight and organised evacuation, starting in mid and continuing until Varizen und Traubenessig Conditions turned chaotic during the winter, when kilometres-long queues of refugees pushed their carts through the snow trying to stay ahead of the advancing Red Army. Refugee Varizen und Traubenessig which came more info reach of the advancing Soviets suffered casualties when targeted Varizen und Traubenessig low-flying aircraft, and some people were crushed by tanks.

The main causes of death were cold, stress, and bombing. Many refugees tried to return home when the fighting ended. Before 1 June, Varizen und Traubenessig crossed back over the Oder and Neisse Varizen und Traubenessig eastward, before Soviet and Polish communist authorities closed the river crossings; another Varizen und Traubenessig, entered Silesia through Czechoslovakia.

From — around 4. From the Baltic coastmany soldiers and civilians were evacuated by ship in the course of Operation Hannibal. Between 23 Varizen und Traubenessig and 5 Mayup toGermans, primarily from East Prussia, Pomeraniaand Varizen und Traubenessig Baltic Varizen Behandlung Volksmedizinwere evacuated to Nazi-occupied Denmark[81] [82] based on an order issued by Hitler on 4 February The evacuation focused on women, the elderly and children — a third of whom were under the age of fifteen.

The camps were guarded by Danish military units. According to Danish physician and historian Kirsten Lylloff, these deaths were partially due to denial of medical care by Varizen und Traubenessig medical staff, as both the Danish Association of Doctors and the Danish Red Cross began refusing medical treatment to German refugees, starting in March By this time, all of Eastern and much of Central Europe was under Soviet occupation.

This included most of the historical German settlement areasas well as the Soviet occupation zone in Germany. The Allies settled on the terms of occupationthe territorial truncation of Germanyand the expulsion of ethnic Germans from post-war PolandCzechoslovakia and Hungary to the Allied Occupation Zones in the Potsdam Agreement, [90] [91] drafted during the Potsdam Conference between 17 July and 2 August Article XII of the agreement is concerned with the expulsions and reads:.

Varizen und Traubenessig Three Varizen und Traubenessig, having considered the question in all its aspects, Varizen und Traubenessig that the transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to be undertaken.

They agree that any transfers that take place should be effected in an orderly and humane manner. The agreement further called for equal distribution of the transferred Germans for resettlement among American, British, French and Soviet occupation zones comprising post—World War II Germany. Expulsions that took place before the Allies agreed on Varizen und Traubenessig terms at Https:// Varizen und Traubenessig referred to as "wild" expulsions Wilde Vertreibungen.

They were conducted by military and civilian authorities in Soviet-occupied post-war Poland and Czechoslovakia in Varizen und Traubenessig first half of In Yugoslaviathe remaining Germans were not expelled; ethnic German villages were turned into internment camps where Varizen und Traubenessig 50, perished. In late the Allies requested a temporary halt to the expulsions, due to the refugee problems created by the expulsion of Germans.

After Potsdam, a series of expulsions of ethnic Germans occurred Varizen und Traubenessig the Soviet-controlled Eastern European countries.

Of the many post-war forced migrations, the largest was the expulsion of ethnic Germans from Central Varizen und Traubenessig Eastern Europe, primarily from the territory of Czechoslovakia which included the historically German-speaking area in the Sudeten mountains along the German-Czech-Polish border Sudetenlandand the territory that became post-war Poland.

Poland's post-war borders were moved west to the Oder-Neisse linedeep into former German Varizen und Traubenessig and within 80 link of Berlin. Varizen und Traubenessig refugees from the Soviet Union were resettled in the former German territories that were awarded to Poland after the war. During and after the war, 2, Poles fled or were expelled from the eastern Polish regions Varizen und Traubenessig were annexed by the USSR; 1, of these refugees were resettled in the former German territories.

The final agreement for the transfer of Varizen und Traubenessig Germans was reached at the Potsdam Conference. According to the West German Schieder commissionthere were 4. BetweenandGermans were affected by wild expulsions between May and August Transfers of population under the Potsdam agreements lasted from January until October More than 1 million were Varizen und Traubenessig to the Soviet zone, which later became East Germany. Aboutethnic Germans determined crucial for industry were allowed to Varizen und Traubenessig in Varizen und Traubenessig. Inresearch by a joint German and Learn more here commission of historians found that the previous demographic estimates oftodeaths to be overstated and based Varizen und Traubenessig faulty information.

They concluded that the death Varizen und Traubenessig was between 15, and 30, dead, assuming that not Varizen und Traubenessig deaths were reported. Violent deaths 5,; Suicides 3,; Deported ; In camps 6,; During the wartime flight ; After wartime flight 1,; Cause undetermined ; Other misc.

In contrast to expulsions from other nations or states, the expulsion of the Germans from Hungary was dictated from outside Hungary. Three percent of the German pre-war population about 20, people had been evacuated by the Volksbund before that.

They went to Austria, but many had returned. Overall, 60, ethnic Germans Varizen und Traubenessig fled. According to the West German Schieder commission report ofin early between 30—35, ethnic German civilians and 30, military POW were arrested and transported from Hungary to the Soviet Union as forced labourers.

In some villages, the entire adult population were taken to labour camps in the Donbass. Data from the Russian archives, which was based on an actual enumeration, put the number of ethnic Germans registered by the Soviets in Hungary at 50, civilians, of whom 31, were deported to the USSR for Varizen und Traubenessig labour implementing the Order Inofficial Visit web page figures showedGerman speakers in Hungary, including German-speaking Jews,of whom had declared German nationality.

Accordingly, mass expulsions began.

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