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Kampfar is a black metal band from FredrikstadNorway. According to their singer, Dolk, their name is an ancient Norse battle cry which Krampfadern Lyapko Odin or Wotan. The band is currently signed to Indie Recordings. Kampfar was formed by Dolk in when he Krampfadern Lyapko his more info band, Mock, and was joined by Thomas. Two years later the duo released their first self-titled EP.

This was followed by the release of the band's first full-length album Mellom skogkledde aaser in The band released Krampfadern Lyapko second album Fra underverdenen in ; the album is significant for featuring the song "Norse", which was the band's first song written in English, as opposed to their other songs which were Krampfadern Lyapko in Norwegian language; [6] the song was also featured on the band's second EP Norsereleased in The sound on Fra Underverdenen moved Krampfadern Lyapko from some of the folk aspects that were featured on read article past releases and concentrated more on Thomas' fondness for classical music.

Following the release of Fra Underverdenen Krampfadern Lyapko, Kampfar Krampfadern Lyapko put on hold. The band became active again duringwhen they were joined by the bass player Jon Bakker and drummer and vocalist Ask.

Despite the creation of new lineup, the band didn't perform Krampfadern Lyapko until The band made their first appearance at the Moshfest festival in Haldennot far from their hometown Fredrikstad. The band used the same studio Krampfadern Lyapko producer again for Heimgang in Long serving guitarist Thomas quit the band even before Krampfadern Lyapko album was released and was replaced by Ole Krampfadern LyapkoEmancer for the upcoming live shows.

Ole later joined the band permanently and Kampfar went on to tour Norway, North America and Europe twice to support the album. In the band went back to Abyss Studio Krampfadern Lyapko record their sixth studio album Djevelmaktthis time working with Jonas Kjellgren as producer and Peter Tägtgren doing the mixing.

Djevelmakt was Krampfadern Lyapko worldwide January 27, Krampfadern Lyapko little more than a year later, the band released their seventh full-length album Profan. The album was released November 13, It was given Norway's Spellemann award for best achievement in the 'Metal' genre.

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Kampfar performing live at Rockharz festival Germany in July Black metal[1] Viking metal [2] [3] [4]. Former [ edit ] Thomas Thomas Andreassen — guitar Krampfadern LyapkoKrampfadern Lyapko — Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kampfar.

Krampfadern Lyapko

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Kampfar was formed by Dolk in when he left his former band, Mock, and was joined by Thomas. Two years later the duo released their first self-titled EP. This was followed by the release of the band's first full-length album Mellom skogkledde aaser in
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